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“My 15 year old daughter had been suffering from CRPS pain in her right leg and foot for 2 months. We decided to travel to Long Beach for Scrambler treatment with Dr. Meyers. We had great success. Within only a few treatments the CRPS pain was completely gone. We’d like to thank Dr. Meyers and her clinic for their care and concern and for getting my daughter back on track to healing and back into life. Thank you!!!!”
NC, British Columbia


In October 2014 my twelve year old daughter was diagnosed with CRPS in her left foot. She endured ten weeks of constant pain with desensitization and physiotherapy as her only treatment before going into remission. In October of 2015 my daughter had a flare up and I brought her to Dr. Meyers clinic for Scrambler treatment. When she arrived at Dr. Meyers’ clinic she was constantly in level ten pain, sensitive to touch and using crutches. My daughter instantly felt comfortable and at ease with Dr. Meyers’ warm, caring, and joyful personality. During the tenth treatment the pain disappeared for the first time in six weeks. Walking out of Dr. Meyers’ clinic pain and crutches free was the best gift we have ever received. My daughter could start living life again!  Dr. Meyers continues to be a constant support for myself and my daughter.  She has gone above and beyond her duty and truly cares for her patients. After four months pain free, my daughter had a flare up. With the booster she is pain free after five treatments. I highly recommend Dr. Meyers and Scrambler treatment to anyone suffering from CRPS.
M.D. Ontario, Canada